Our company personnel are highly professional, with extensive experience, a dedication to aviation, and a full awareness of the importance of their international missions.


Ukrainian Helicopters employs 450 people. Nearly 200 are experienced pilots and flight engineers with the average flight time of 3500 hours per person for regular flight personnel, as well as 25 flight instructors.


All of our aircrews, including medical workers and rescuers, are experienced working with night vision goggles and performing search and rescue operations and medical evacuation in various climatic and weather conditions.


450 highly qualified specialists
200 experienced pilots and flight engineers
more than 150 employees have represented Ukraine in peacekeeping and humanitarian missions

Ukrainian Helicopters seeks the following experts and specialties:

  • pilots
  • flight engineers
  • flight attendants
  • aircraft engineers
  • aircraft maintenance technicians
  • pilot inspectors of flight safety
  • pilot instructors
  • flight commanders

Actual Jobs

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