"Ukrainian Helicopters" started operating as part of the WFP in the Southern Sudan

On 1st August, 2013, "Ukrainian helicopters" UR-CLD aircraft started operating under the WFP in the Republic of Southern Sudan.

Over the period of two weeks the Company crew - aircraft commander Andrew Kolevatuch, co-pilot Andrew Kabadeev and flight engineer Konstantin Litvin - transported almost 40 tons of humanitarian cargo to the remote villages of the Southern Sudan.

'Our pilots deliver food, water and clothes to the people residing in distant areas. Their schedule is tough and extremely intense, the crews fly for seven-eight hours a day' – said Vasily Holota,Head of the Flight Department.

Vasily Holota said that Company aircrafts have been working on the territory of the Southern Sudan since 2008. 'Our pilots are very well aware of local operational specificities: difficult meteorological conditions, sand storms and high temperature. They also see the differences between working for the UN and on the WFP missions. 2

In the UN missions Company helicopters transport cargo and passengers to the well equipped spots. While under the WFP missions they work in the hard-to-rich areas where there are no roads and you can get there only by helicopter' – stressed Vasily Holota.

Nevertheless, Head of the Flight Department assured that the UH crew is well trained to successfully fulfill the tasks in the hard conditions.