Aviation Training Center Continues Foreign Specialists` Training

Since September 2016, Aviation Training Center has conducted the training of Aviation Doctors for MEDEVAC operations by Mi-8 helicopters using Night Vision Goggles (NVG). During this time, 43 professionals from eleven countries have completed the training program and obtained the relevant certificates.

"We train French- and English-speaking highly professional medical personnel. Many of them have experience of operating in severe and hazardous conditions. However, to assist the patients on board the Air Ambulance helicopters in the UN missions, they need to be trained to use Night Vision Goggles. In addition, we teach our students how to cooperate with the crew during the performance of different operations"- said Oleksandr Bortniak, Director of Aviation Training Center.

During the first part of training, medical professionals attend theoretical classes. After passing the exams successfully, they have an in-flight practice with Night Vision Goggles. In process of training they also get acquainted with the operation of aviation rescuers, observing the specific features of hoisting up the casualties on the rescue hoist or stretchers. This knowledge will be useful in the real rescue operations.

Currently, medical personnel who have completed the training in ATC, successfully operate in the UN peacekeeping mission in Africa as part of Ukrainian Helicopters` crews.