Helicopter and aero medical ambulance crews are available to conduct aerial medical evacuation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in order to provide emergency medical assistance and life support to patients, and perform efficient air evacuation and ground transportation of patients to medical facilities.

The following onboard equipment is part of aerial medical configuration:
1. Medical module with a complete set of modern medical equipment
2. Stretchers for bedridden patients (three to six).

In addition, there are two medical specialists on board of helicopter in this configuration, trained to work in day and night conditions using night vision goggles.

Medical module is designed for the evacuation of two bedridden patients in emergency situations and providing them with quality medical assistance on board of our helicopters. The following equipment forms part of the medical module: a pulmotor, defibrillator, monitors, aspirators, electrocardiograph, a syringe pump and other specialized medical equipment produced by leading manufacturers.

Information about patient’s vital parameters is recorded by the pulmotor, monitoring and defibrillation system. This equipment is networked to a satellite communications system that enables real-time transmission of data to a ground center.

A video signal is transmitted directly from the installed onboard video cameras. In complex cases, teleconferences involving several specialists can be held onboard in a real time mode, in order to receive expert medical analysis for further actions and decide on a course of treatment for injured patients.