Ukrainian Helicopters fleet consists of 28 multipurpose Mi-8 MTV-1 medium lift helicopters, including 6 unique helicopters-transformers, created on the basis of Mi-8 MTV-1, capable of performing a wide variety of air operations.



In order to conduct flights on international routes, all helicopters are equipped with the latest avionics and navigation equipment, produced by world’s leading companies. This equipment enhances aircraft navigation capabilities and significantly increases safety level in the process of performing complex aviation operations



The following equipment is installed on board of helicopters:


GTN-650, GPS-695 (Garmin)
These navigation systems are used for continuous tracking of helicopters’ location within the range of artificial navigation satellites. These devices also help to perform navigational tasks when conducting contact and instrument flights in different weather conditions at any time of the day.


ST3400H Sandel
Helicopter terrain awareness and warning system warns about the proximity of land, water surface and artificial obstacles. Proximity warning is carried out by means of voice and light signaling.


CAS-67A (IVA-81D)
Airborne Traffic-Alert and Collision Avoidance System determines the distance, direction and altitude of an aircraft that could become a collision hazard. In case of a threat, the system alerts pilots by means of sound signals and gives visual recommendations to perform maneuver.


MMU-II Sky Connect, SkyTrac
The Aviation company dispatch center (Kyiv, Ukraine) keeps track of location of our helicopters around the clock. The dispatch center captures their flight path, speed, time of departure and arrival at destination location. In case of an emergency, the equipment transmits an alarm signal and displays it on dispatchers’ monitors.



In addition, additional external fuel tanks are installed on board of all Mi-8MTV-1 helicopters, enabling increased the flight ranges up to 1150 km