Drawing on practical experience and modern market trends analysis Ukrainian Helicopters has performed extensive modernizations to the Mi-8MTV-1 helicopter and created a unique multifunction transformer-helicopter.

It takes aircrew only 40 minutes to convert the helicopter into one of the following configurations:

• reconnaissance/rapid response;
• search-and-rescue (SAR);
• aeromedical evacuation;
• passenger;
• cargo

In order to perform these operations, the helicopter is equipped with the following certified equipment:

1) Integrated night vision system (night vision goggles (NVGs), electro-optical forward-looking infra-red system (FLIR), searchlight coupled with FLIR allowing operations in the infrared mode).
2) Satellite-based video communication system .The System allows the transmission of video and photo data shot by FLIR cameras from the moving or parked helicopter to the ground control facility and also provides bidirectional communication with a ground location.
3) 272 kg/80 m enhanced capacity rescue hoist. The hoist is used together with a rappelling device for rescuers’ emergency descent to the places where helicopter landing is impossible.
4) Fully-equipped medical module enables emergency medical assistance and life support.
5) For performing operations in hazardous areas, helicopters are equipped with ballistic system for protection from small arms (Kevlar panels) and Airborne Missile Protection System.

All of the above-listed equipment was certified in compliance with Supplemental Type Certification. We have trained our flight and ground crews, including full-time air rescue personnel and medical staff, to conduct flight operations, both during the day and at night, on 24/7 basis.