The main advantage of the Reconnaissance / Rapid Response helicopter configuration is the capability to quickly detect threats and take immediate action. To fulfill this mission, the helicopter is equipped with FLIR optoelectronic system and satellite data transmission system. Moreover, the cabin has two compartments for carrying passengers and cargo.

In the front compartment, there are passenger seats for transportation of up to twelve passengers, and in the back compartment, the cargo weighing up to a ton can be secured. This enables simultaneous transportation of specialists, observers, rapid response teams, as well as the equipment required for their operations. The compartments are separated by a solid partition wall covered with Kevlar panels, for protection from small arms fire.

Video information, which is recorded by FLIR cameras in real time, is continuously transmitted and displayed on the operator’s monitor in the passenger cabin, on the cockpit monitor, and on the ground station monitor (control center). In addition, FLIR operator is able to communicate with the ground control center in the voice-call mode. Reliable information can be provided in a timely manner and verified to enable informed decisions regarding emergency situations and threats (initial response and follow-up).

Satellite data transmission system transmits high definition video data (format H.264) in real time from the helicopter to the ground control station. The system consists of airborne equipment and ground station.

In this configuration, the following operations are performed:
• Reconnaissance, remote surveillance, patrolling and monitoring 24 hours a day;
• Conducting quantitative and qualitative assessment of facilities and vehicles: coordinates, range, size, speed and temperature distribution. The obtained data are transmitted in real time to the ground for further processing and appropriate future action;
• Rapid response to threat detection with appropriate responses located onboard;
• Video and photo recoding and data storage.