Flight safety is a top priority for Ukrainian Helicopters. We have introduced Safety and Quality management systems that significantly reduce the risk of aviation accidents and incidents. Ensuring ongoing airworthiness is part of Ukrainian Helicopter’s structure, and is certified in accordance with Part M. Maintenance organization is certified in accordance with Part 145. Moreover, our helicopters are equipped with modern avionics. This equipment, installed onboard of our aircraft, not only improves the navigation capabilities of helicopters, but also significantly increases the level of flight safety in the process of performing complex operations.



Perhaps most importantly, our helicopters are equipped with special protection systems in order to conduct operations in hazardous areas. An Airborne Missile Protection System is designed for the detection, identification and elimination of attacks by man-portable missile systems using infrared distraction or blocking. The system provides full coverage of the range of threats, a low false alarm rate and maximum warning time in order to take appropriate countermeasures.


System features:
•detection, identification and elimination of up to 8 missiles, fired simultaneously at a helicopter;
• 4 «smart» dispensers are installed on helicopters;
• each magazine has 30 heat flares;
• 3 types of heat flares can be used: MTV, spectral, MTV kinematic.


Ballistic (passive) protection reduces the risks of being damaged by small arms fire. The protection level exceeds 3A, in compliance with NIJ 0108-01 standard (USA). The protection level was checked by means of a test shooting from 7.62 mm ballistic barrel with steel bullets (57-H-134c), from a distance of 5 meters, at a bullet speed of 430 m/s, and no puncture holes were identified. Passive protection is a set of panels, which are installed inside helicopter cabin and cockpit. The panels are located on the floor and along the sides of the helicopter. Structurally, the panels consist of Kevlar material, edged with avizent material, and stitched together with avizent material (high-strength fireproof material specially designed for utilization on aircraft).


In addition, the hard partition between passenger and cargo compartments used in passenger and cargo configuration is also equipped with bulletproof defense; and finally a defensive Kevlar curtain is used in the tail part in each configuration. All deck mats in the cargo compartment are covered with corrugated aluminum, allowing access to the external sling and other operational needs. Cargo, passenger seats, luggage compartment and medical equipment can be installed as necessary on the panels. The special fasteners on the panels ensures their easy removal for maintenance.