In the search and rescue configuration, the medical equipment is installed on board the helicopter together with the search and rescue equipment. There are specialized stations assigned to rescuers, medical personnel and patients. This configuration allows to conduct search-and-rescue operations and victim evacuation, as well as to provide emergency medical assistance inside helicopter cabin.

To ensure the successful implementation of this vital mission the following equipment is installed on board of our aircraft:
1. Night vision goggles, with the adapted cockpit;
2. Airborne forward looking infrared system (FLIR);
3. Searchlight coupled with the FLIR system;
4. Enhanced capacity rescue hoist (capable of lifting 2 people);
5. Rappelling Device (RD).

During the search and rescue operations, a number of specialists work together with the aircrew: FLIR operator, as well as two rescuers specially trained to work with night-vision goggles and descend with the help of rappelling device, lifting victims on board of helicopter with the rescue hoist and other specialized equipment.


The system is able to:
• Detect and identify objects;
• Perform quantitative and qualitative assessment of the objects, i.e. coordinates setting, range, dimensions, travelling speed, temperature distribution etc.;
• Conduct long range day-night surveillance of ground facilities;
• Record and archive all video and photographic data.

Optoelectronic surveillance system enables search and rescue operations, both in the daytime and at nighttime, using the day and night (infrared) cameras. A victim can be detected from a distance of 10.1 km / 9.18 miles and identified from 2.2 km / 1.19 miles. A vehicle can be spotted from a distance of 17 km / 9.18 miles, and fully identified from 4.9 km / 2.65 miles. Moreover, monitors that are located in the cockpit and passenger cabin display quantitative and qualitative parameters of objects: their coordinates, range, scale, speed, temperature distribution, etc.


Specialized high intensity light beam combined with an easy to operate searchlight, enables focus on the critical locations where search-and-rescue operations are conducted or areas for emergency landing. The searchlight is adapted for use with night vision goggles and FLIR optoelectronic surveillance system. Coverage range: 1 km in normal mode and 1.8 km in the infrared mode.

Enhanced capacity rescue hoist

The rescue hoist is designed for loading and unloading cargo, as well as for lifting and lowering two people while a helicopter is in the hovering mode at an altitude of up to 80 meters. Nominal hoisting capacity: 272 kg, at the speed of cable release: 1.8 m / sec.

Rappelling device

The device allows to lower people and cargo to operation areas from a helicopter that is hovering over a place, where helicopter landing is impossible. With the help of this device, it is possible to perform a controlled descent of a rescuer or cargo weighing up to 100 kg at a speed of up to 3 m / sec.