The training center is certified to train aviation specialists in accordance with 26 programs which were approved by the State Aviation Administration, including:


• refresher training for Мі-8MTV helicopter flight personnel;
• improvement of qualifications of flight personnel of other entities operating within the civil aviation system of Ukraine;
• TRI, SFI, LI instructors’ training on Mi-8 helicopter and its modifications;
• training for conducting flights on international air routes, using the systems: TCAS / PCAS; GPWS ST3400H HeliTAWS; B-RNAV; GNS / GTN;


• emergency and rescue training;
• English language proficiency training for flight personnel, preparation for IELTS exam;
• training for aircraft commanders;
• Mi-8 MTV helicopter flight attendant training;
• aircrew training on conducting search and rescue operations;
• aircrew training on medical evacuations.